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One of my main goals, when we went to Ireland, was to stay in a castle. I did quite a bit of research as we flew into Shannon then drove around the bottom staying at B&Bs and ended up in Dublin. There are quite a few castles on that route. But one, a tad outContinue reading “Castle”

The River House

I hope you enjoyed food. I did. I like how thinking about one specific thing can unwrap a whole idea, event or more depth to a person. Let’s move on to place you have lived, be that locations or domiciles or whatever. Let’s try for three this month! *** When we first move to Indiana,Continue reading “The River House”


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Family History

You may not realize it but you have a wealth of family history in your head. And yes you might say: but no one wants to hear it. They do. I have people all the time asking about information on the people that lived in their house in the 1900s. I do research on strangers every day and would love to know more about them than cold facts. So join me in writing down the stories; the good, the funny and the sad and let’s start documenting our family history. The monthly writing prompt will appear on the main page and I will keep them all year long. Drop me a note and let me know how you are doing!

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