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The Stove

This was my mom’s play stove growing up. You know those kitchen sets kids play with when they are small? I had one that had actual running water! Ok, so it was a tiny reservoir that circulated the water when you pushed down on the lever.  The whole thing was made of cardboard, but MANContinue reading “The Stove”


My maternal grandfather died when I was a little over two years old. He worked for the telephone company his entire life and was about a month short of retiring when he had a heart attack and died. Every record I find puts him in the same small town in Southern Indiana on the OhioContinue reading “Silver”

Two Snoopys

My husband and I are first born kids. And we display a lot of those tendencies. We are cautious, reliable, tad controlling, and ambitious but mostly we took good care of our toys. Our books were not torn or colored in. Puzzle pieces were not missing. All the game pieces accounted for and in orderContinue reading “Two Snoopys”

Harry & Harold

I was born in Mobile, Alabama. I have no memory of this as we moved by the time I was 18 months. We moved to Illinois, New Jersey, and Virginia before settling in my mother’s home town. I did Kindergarten in two different states. Needless to say, I was a bit anxious about starting firstContinue reading “Harry & Harold”


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Family History

You may not realize it but you have a wealth of family history in your head. And yes you might say: but no one wants to hear it. They do. I have people all the time asking about information on the people that lived in their house in the 1900s. I do research on strangers every day and would love to know more about them than cold facts. So join me in writing down the stories; the good, the funny and the sad and let’s start documenting our family history. The monthly writing prompt will appear on the main page and I will keep them all year long. Drop me a note and let me know how you are doing!

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