Podcast #1

this may work…. this may not… sort of the new motto of 2018 for me. the above link will hopefully take you to my first podcast (because somewhere I read it cannot be a podcast if it isn’t published).  The assignment was for a series of 4 podcasts all having something to do with your library of choice. Mine is focused on the public library and technology challenges (I am nothing if not ironic). This first one is on searching in your library. Stay Smooth.

Podcast #2

Where we explore the wonderful world of ebooks from the library and how easy it is to put them on your tablet or smart phone. No really… it is easy!

Podcast #3

Audio books this time! and yes, a tad of blind leading the blind but you can TOTALLY do this!

Podcast #4

The irony is not lost on me that Podcast #4 is a podcast on how to listen to a podcast.