Went to a visitation yesterday and funeral today. I have never seen so many flower arrangements for one service. There had to be between 30-40. All sizes, all flowers, all colors. Cut. Live. Artificial. Lovely notes; very thoughtful. And yet I couldn’t help but reflect back when my mother died and after the visitation and the service, giving the eulogy and the after food (does that have a name?!) I had to go back to the funeral home to collect the pictures and mementos that we had displayed to reflect all the different aspects of her life… and the very kind director asked me what I wanted to do with the flowers. I was a deer in headlights. They were pretty and thoughtful and lovely. But I wanted the day over. I didn’t want a live plant that I was going to kill in 6 weeks and feel guilty about that death. I was overwhelmed by the scent. She gently told me that she could make sure they were enjoyed by others if I wanted. I said, let’s let them be enjoyed by others, thank you.


When I was selling my house prior to this one, I would buy fresh flowers for the showings. I promised myself that if the house ever sold… I would buy them for myself, for no special occasion but for me. And I do. And it makes me smile. Life is too short to not have pretty flowers around. You should probably go and buy yourself some flowers today, you deserve them.


Anne Frank is quoted to having said, “dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.” I saw that quote for the first time today… and it stuck with me. When you are buying yourself some flowers, maybe pick some up for someone who needs a day brightened… random acts of kindness will change the world.

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