Hello old friend

In October 2012, I read a book that made me so sad when it was over. I loved the twists and turns. I fell in love with the characters. I marveled at the author’s imagination. Wanted to be her when I grew up. When I finished the book, I found myself almost mad there were no other masterpieces floating around of hers for me to read. How dare she not write more and more and more.

BN was part of the latest e-book settlement. And after seeing my credit, I went back to my nook bookshelf. I smiled at all the titles from 2009-2013ish. I remembered periods of what was happening in my life by looking at the titles. Some pure entertainment, some recommend, and some the next in a long line from prolific authors.

and then I saw Night Circus. Oh, how I had loved you, I thought. I quickly googled the author to see what was new. I read she was working on some things, struggling a bit and being human. Now, I not only want to be her when I grow up, but think she would make an awesome friend.

I pulled my copy off the cloud and started to read… Slower this time, more savoring, less rush to the end. New things catch my eye and old friends are embraced. I allow myself no more than three chapters a day. It is still an amazing book. Tip of my hat to you, Erin Morgenstern… And if you are in the area, pop in… I have a bottle of wine chilling so we can toast the circus.

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