When we were hiking last week, we passed a couple and on her shirt it read: all who wander are not lost. And it made me smile and think of my mother.

My mom was a world class wanderer but also a world class get lost-er. She would declare she never got so lost she could not find her way home. (And she had a point) However, there was a large interstate loop by our house. She knew when you got on you went “right” to the mall (about 20 minutes). She did that part well… But getting home she was never sure if it was east or west or north or south. But she knew it was a loop, so she would hop on and some days it took her 20 minutes to get home and other times it took 90 minutes to get home.

What was fascinating to me, is that this never bothered her… She saw it as part of a bigger picture, maybe something cool to see on that route that day, but no worries. Never so lost she couldn’t get home.

I admire that… Wish I was more like that as I tend to be a tab A must fit in slot B, if you are not five minutes early you are late, what is the shortest distance, type of person. I dream of being a wanderer or even a road less traveled sort of person; however I don’t ever see me being a knowingly going 70 minutes the wrong way sort of person. The 17 year old is probably lost as we speak… Maybe it skips a generation.

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