Hannah’s Bench

There are probably 3-4 Pokestops close to our house. Not a lot in the way of interesting Pokemon to capture but you can replenish supplies fairly easily. When we first started to play and were walking around the neighborhood, we kept noticing things that had been there for 6+ years but we had never really looked at before.

One was a bench by the trail system that is used constantly by walkers, runners, bikers and quite a few dogs. As we drew closer to the bench and thought to take a small sit, we noticed a name plate with a picture and memorial dates. Who was Hannah? my son asked. I didn’t know. We sat there a moment and noticed a tree in a pot next to the bench. It has been Summer in the Midwest with No Rain Hot here for three weeks… that tree looked at us with much sadness and despair.

When we got home, we filled some water jugs and went back to water the tree. In the last few weeks, a few times a week we fill up a milk jug and take it with us when we walk to replenish our Pokemon supplies and water what we have come to think of as Hannah’s tree. I noticed last night it has buds on it.

I did find out about Hannah and what happened that someone would want a bench in her honor. Tragic accident that in reading all the memories that friends and family wrote, caused a domino effect of loss in many lives.  A lovely young lady, who touched many lives.

I hope Hannah’s tree blooms this summer, in her memory and so others smile when they walk by.

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