Music in my head

Approximately 96.2% of the time when I wake up, there is a song in my head. Sometimes I can trace it back to something (listening to a new song I like 900 times in a row) or something a dream triggered. Sometimes it is crazy random… Like the Girl Scout song I learned in camp six life times ago or the theme to Sesame Street. More often than not there is a song. I have wondered if this is normal…but part of me thinks it is just me normal than universally normal.

Most of the time it fades by the time I have coffee and a shower… Some days… those very unfortunate days, it becomes an ear worm. No amount of radio listening in the drive to work, or iPod playing at work will change the outcome … I am destined to have a day of “Angel of the Morning” or “Ring of Fire” play in my head All Day Long.

This morning I woke and had an idea for a post on dreams… And it is in there still … starting to find a shape… but the phrase Sleep to Dream would not leave my head… no music… I knew the song, I could sort of picture it … but no tune, no more lyrics… Just that… I googled and that was not satisfying, I didn’t have enough parameters for a good search. Today was crazy, as days will be, driving home I mulled it again, in the same way you try to get that piece of corn out from between your back two teeth. Nothing.

I finally found a moment to sit. Just sit. And I finally pulled out the rest of it from the vast archives of my mind. Listening to the song again, made no sense at all in the path my mind was taking for the dream post… And yet two things hit me 1) the lyrics in their own right are powerful 2) 1997 isn’t ten years ago 🙂

I got my feet on the ground, And I don’t go to sleep to dream ~Fiona Apple

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