I had lunch with a friend the other day and we were venting about the smokers in our respective departments. Not so much that they smoked, but the time it took. I have one person who goes out every two hours for about 10 minutes. If we are here about 9 hours… yeah, you can do the math. We want to propose a fresh air break. Get 10 minutes every two hours to walk around the block. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Heck, I am not piggy, I’d take one ten minute break in the afternoon and one in the morning and be very happy with this new plan.

I feel so much better when I don’t gobble a frozen meal at my desk while working but get out and walk for 20 to 30 minutes. To feel the sun on my face or a breeze. The smell of outdoors and not recycled air. To smile at strangers and look at the architecture around me on the buildings.

As I walked today I thought: I wish kids in school got more outside time and people in nursing homes. And me… I wish I had more time outside.

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