Push Reset

Music helps me reset and shift gears. Type of music depends on the situation or what I am shifting from. Background music is ok, as long as it is not distracting. Though sometimes that is the purpose of my music… to be distracting.

If I am at work and my door is shut (first clue to go away – because my door is rarely shut) and you are foolish enough to open the door and you find I am playing the Genesis album (by Genesis) … you should slowly back out, close the door and not return until the music is off and the door is open. This is good advice; you are welcome. (And if I have jumped all the way to “I Don’t Care Anymore”, avoid me for 3 days)

My drive home consist a lot of Lady Gaga, Pink and Meghan Trainor (“you’d want to be me, too”) I think because that music tends to be outside the norm of both Work Me and Home Me. It makes great transition music for those 20 minutes. I sing, I dance, I drive… I am ready to tackle the Home Me by the time I pull in the driveway.

When the child was anti-driver’s ed and learning to drive, I told him… greatest thing ever is going down the interstate, windows down, playing a song over and over and singing loud (ok, yes I have pretty much lost my voice on more than one occasion to Paradise by the Dashboard Lights… I wouldn’t tell this to just anyone). He looked doubtful. His evil mother forced him to do driver’s ed, drive enough hours and get his driver’s license. Yesterday, he let it slip that he really likes singing with the windows down. I refrained from saying I told you so.

However, his favorite new station is Pandora 80s music. I know. I shook my head in disbelief also.


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