The Dino Can’t Read

I’m supposed to be reading school work, ok actually… I am supposed to be doing work-work, but it is the Friday before a holiday weekend, and I think I have solved enough problems for at least 3 weeks in the last 4 days, so I am reading for school… however this dinosaur is having trouble reading.

Hence my quick and dirty sketch I made for you. Once I thought of that line, this picture popped in my head and since you can’t see it in my head, I tried to sketch it out. It made me giggle because this dinosaur cannot read because his arms are too short… fear not, my arms are a fine length to read.

Anyway… back from the tangent…

I like paper. I like to read paper books. I like to read the smudge my hands with ink newspaper on Sunday morning. I like to review and check things on paper and if my handwriting was a bit better, I’d probably enjoy writing on paper (but alas most of the time, I look at what I have written and think… what DOES that say?)

I was one of the first users of an E-reader. Embraced the Nook; family member embraced the Kindle. I like being able to be on vacation, finish a book and click, download… new reading material. My back and I like not traveling with 10 paperbacks for a week…even though I would leave them around like gifts to other readers when I finished (my own little private BookCrossing.) I read on my tablet all the time and really enjoy it.

However I am finding it really difficult to read more than 3-4 pages on a computer monitor. My eyes get tired and my brain starts thinking random things… I call it “oh look a squirrel” syndrome. I love to read so this is odd for me. Reading is not normally something I can be distracted out of doing. My family has a fear that they would have to grab a book/tablet I was reading to lead me out of a burning building as I would not notice. That may not be far from the truth.

So will continue to play with font size and monitor distance from me and hope this is just something I need practice at. But for now… this dinosaur is having some trouble reading… good thing for you blogging is not a problem 😉

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