Little Things

I am the person you want in a crisis. I got this and if I don’t… I can figure it out. I am calm, cool and awesome at multi-tasking. However, I am not good at setting self-limits. And after the crisis, you will find me curled up in a ball trying to rebalance. I get that way with life sometimes too; think I can juggle just one more thing, think can be there for that person or take on a task I should have deferred. I start to feel like that kid’s game, Topple.

Since I have not just met me and because this has been happening for years, I have figured out ways to help step back from the edge of overwhelmed. I get too close sometimes to that edge and that is not pretty for those closest to me, but it happens less frequently. Helping others, helps me (in small ways, like paying for the coffee for the car behind me, getting silly cards and mailing them to friends/family… things I can do on my own time and in my own way).

And then it is the little things… the unexpected. Someone lets you in front of them because you have three items and they have a cart, someone brings you coffee on a cold day, you get a card and gift from a friend out of the blue… or you walk into your hotel room and have the most adorable towel/washcloth duck smile at you. Makes my shoulders a little less tight, my head hurt a bit less and I start to really see the way to untangle the pile of yarn that my world has become (not a ball… that ugly yarn pile pre-ball).

Don’t discount the little things, they make a difference… YOU make a difference.

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