My thumb is not remotely green. If I make I through a season and don’t kill too any plants, I consider that a win. It is September and all my hanging baskets are dead. One is still hanging out there in all its dried out glory. It looks lovely as you can only imagine.

My friend and her husband are amazing when it comes to plants. ALL their fingers and toes are green. They share amazing yellow squash (amazing to the point my kid knows when it comes from them and when I have to use supermarket squash) and zucchini. They have beefsteak tomatoes that softballs long to be that size. They are a meal unto themselves. And her flower beds… just wow.

The other day she asked if I needed green beans. The answer was of course YES!

The next day she arrived with a bag full of green beans and said, I just went ahead and cleaned them and snapped them for you.  I thanked her envisioning a pot of bacon and onion and slowly cooking green beans. But it was more than that, it was the kindness. The kindness of sharing bounty with others but more the kindness of taking that extra time to show how much you care.

It has been months since this happened the delicious green beans are long gone and still I think back on it and  how much it touched my heart that she would do that for me… that extra step of caring. And I smile.

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