Uncommon Type

Book review… why are you shocked? I told you I might do this… granted not a mainstay but still.

And in full disclosure #1, I put this on hold because I heard that he was playing the role of Mr. Rodgers and we all know how I feel about him…

Ok, disclosure #2, I have only read the first three chapters at this point.

And disclosure #3, I just like Tom Hanks.


I read fast. Probably too fast. I read a lot of pleasure reading, I compare it to sitcoms on the TV… back I the 80s  (I have no idea if there are still sitcoms on TV today, Netflix much?)

But this book is like a really good piece of chocolate. The words are carefully picked, the stories are random (short stories) but each one has such depth in such a short period of time.

I check this out of the library as a book book (paper) as I am trying to limit screen time at night. And it is perfect for that.

And… I think that is it for the review. Check it out. Take 10 minutes in a book store, put it on hold at your library. Read the first three… if you are not convinced, ok, we are still good. But maybe try it, right before you are ready to call it a day… let it tuck you in… night… sweet dreams.

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