This time right now… was the BEST as a kid.

My mother would decide it was time to get out the Easter decorations. And we would get out the two boxes (about copy paper in size) and carefully unwarp the treasures.

It contained all the things that were part of her childhood Easter celebration. Plastic bunnies and chicks. Plaster rabbits with springs for necks (early bobble heads?) Lots of animals pulling metal carts. A chicken that was alleged to lay eggs when you turned the crank (but never worked in my life time). These sat out for the weeks leading up to Easter but then were “hidden” around the house the night prior with candy and small treats to find the morning of Easter.

When my child was about three, she gave the boxes to me. I was scared to death. He was THREE. He could NOT be trusted with these things. Some of them were from when SHE was three… which made them like 8,000 years old (math, really not my strong suit). I may have mentioned this. She eyerolled me. And to be honest, he was probably ready… me not so much. This is a heavy mantle. I was sure I was not ready.

But I did it that year. And the next year and… well, he is 18 and I am planning on doing it this year also.

And there are new ones we have added over the years that have meaning to him. But there are ones that mean so much to me too. There is a plaster rabbit with QUITE the attitude on his face and a coy looking plastic bunny, who sits by the flowers on our dining room table that makes me smile.

That is the core of tradition, isn’t it? Some of them hurt our hearts in a scraping sort of way but also make us smile. Some of them are really heavy and we are not sure we are ready… shouldn’t the ADULTS do that stuff… oh wait?! And some of them pass the joy and the past in a good way, like that sassy coy bunny who smiles at me every dinner for the next few weeks.

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