What Good Are Notebooks?

My child used to call it “over listening” when he would eavesdrop. I will be honest I always thought it was a better word. More descriptive.

Many moons ago, my parents divorced. It was before the time of social acceptance of this legal process and it was difficult for my mother. Quite difficult. There is a lot of insight that you gain after 30+ years, but it was a time of quick growing up and caregiving.

She would be fascinated by the world of Blogging today. I remember not long ago, I went to my child and said, some stranger liked my blog post!! And he said, that is sort of why you do it? And what struck me was… no… not really. I blog because words get all jumbled it my head and I need to get them out… and maybe they help others and maybe they just float into the “interwebs” as my friends and I ironically call it.  I hope they help others… but, no I don’t think that is it.

My mother wrote in paper notebooks. She “hid” them in a drawer. I found them one day. And I read them. Over listening, if you will. It rocked my world. We were a country music family, with a bit of Johnny Mathis thrown in for balance. Lots of LPs on the stereo. She had written: Hank is wrong… there is no more light.

With hindsight… I know it was a vent. For goodness sake, she was with me for another 30 years, she needed to lance a boil, she needed to heal.  As an adult, I have danced in that dark. I get it. But for an early teen who is so very overwhelmed, yeah you don’t forget that. It forms you. You are very careful not to over listen if you can avoid it.

So… where does it leave us today? 1) prolly should not over listen if you can avoid it. 2) context is key 3) My mom was wrong and Hank is right 4) be kind to yourself and others… we are all just doing the best we can.

Shout out to:  Talking Heads: Life During Wartimes for the title.

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