Shed that Skin

My company was sold today. And in the ways of all corporate buys and sells… it is a WONDERFUL opportunity for both sides. (insert small eye roll). All the correct buzz words were used and tons of empty reassurances were given.

But in the nine years that I have been here, we have had four different names … this will probably be the fifth. And I don’t think it is a buy and dismantle; it is more a buy and figure stuff out. But it is the next 12-18 months of chaos that is so wearing. The what is our name, how do we do this, what do we tell this person, how does vacation accumulation, health care and 401(k) match change, and even location where we work. All the questions that no one can answer at this point except with, it will all work out.

And it will, I have seen it happen again and again. Each time you lose a few more people that you wish wouldn’t leave but you know it is the right choice for them. They decide enough is enough and shed the skin for something new.

Something to think about.

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