You know that moment…

when you are making cream puffs and it is going well and it is time to add the eggs. So you add the eggs and it looks like the above picture and you are sure you have ruined everything? (ok, maybe you have not made cream puffs but trust me this happens) At this point you continue to stir because the other options are 1) throw it out and have no cream puffs 2) cry and have salty cream puffs or 3) go to the store and buy ready made cream puffs. But you continue, you give it three more minutes of serious stirring and a little “please turn out” chanting and poof… you did it… you made the batter to bake for cream puffs!

I started my new job on September 10, 2018. And I walked in there the first day and felt a calm of this is my library, this is where I am supposed to be. Which is an amazing gift and I am humbled by this opportunity. However this is SO MUCH that needs to take place. The youth department has been without a rudder for years. There are so many kids to help and that need opportunities to grow,  learn and heck eat. There is a giant function in early March that I am in charge of and of course Summer Reading, with very few prior year notes. And I have made some initial changes that I am proud of, but many times I drive to work feeling like I have a giant pan that I just dumped eggs into and well… YIKES!

My advice, if you too are in a YIKES (and I will try to take this also) is keep stirring… it will work out, some how those cream puffs always pull together in the end.

PS no goat cheese  and broccoli are no included in my cream puffs… I was multitasking. I am sure this shocks you.

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