Learning the Es

The other morning, I woke to the pinging of ice and thought you need to leave early as it will take you twice as long to get to work and unfortunately that means you get no coffee. In the shower, I contemplated the odds of it NOT being an Elearning day and there NOT being a million kids at the library. If I had a magic 8-ball, it would have laughed at me.

I was right; the commute took double the time but I got there safe and sure enough my first kid showed up at 9:01am. My youngest was a third grader who had trouble even getting to the elearning site to do her homework. My oldest were teens who said, I don’t really need to do this. They roamed from section to section of the downstairs in packs. Set up little nests and worked on their homework… or pretended to.

It was not a quiet day, but a buzz of activity day… an I may be standing under a beehive day. Highest number was about 23 kids at one time. We did impromptu programs and snacks. I made PBJ sandwiches and cut them in half because I am a mom … lots of kids come at 9/10 am and stay all day long. If we don’t feed them, they really don’t eat. (reason #987 why libraries are important to the community)

We let the noise level climb a bit… my favorite interaction of the day was the 3rd grader who said, I am all done; what should I do now. I blinked slowly at her and said, uh read? Elearning days are exhausting and they don’t really get any easier. You learn to have a few movies up your sleeve, a passive program or two and lots of bread for PBJ. And a Pete the Cat attitude… no worries, we got this.

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