Who is to know

I was watching the Bill Murray thing on Netflix (which I did really like you are looking for something fun and uplifting) and they mentioned the Parable of a Chinese farmer… go ahead google it… I’ll wait.

tick… tick… tick..

Oh good you are back. So… Who is to say if it is good or bad. We started to say this in my household after watching, as a joke but then it started to stick. Something sort of crummy happens and the other will say yeah that is really crummy BUT who is to say if it is good or bad. We have even shorted it in text to the ying/yang symbol.

And yet oddly it does work. It makes my brain work differently. Say X happens and it is not good.. minor but to me at the moment not good. Example; about a month ago the furnace stopped working, no heat for 24 hours. Was a control panel, was not inexpensive.  At the time, it was just awful. I got all caught up in cost and cold and drama and did I mention cold… BUT it happened before it got to be -16 at night.  huh. yeah who is to say good or bad looking back now… had i met the Chinese farmer prior would I have been less anxiety filled?

I do find it helps my stress level if I think to do it… it may help yours. Give it a try … and say it out loud to those around you… they are going to think you are the most Zen of all ! 😀

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