Manners Maketh Man

My mother was big on manners. Please and thank you were just expected to be used in all situations. Nothing was too small for a thank you or a please. We also were taught to do the Level Two manners early on… the door holding, letting people in front of you in line and small compliments. Level Three came a bit later in the form of hospitality… you go do someone’s house for coffee/meal etc., you bring a small something. And after someone feeds you, you thank them. They can serve Newt Eyes in pepper sauce and you say “thanks so much for lunch, it was lovely” And no it is no lying, something about lunch probably WAS lovely, just maybe not the Newt Eyes. But the focus was more on the fact that someone did something for you, and that is nice.

My car allows me the ability to play specific song/album/artist by asking. Push the button and it asks, “How many I help you?” And I then say, “Play artist Van Morrison” (ok I used to ask her please, I really did, but she would get SO CONFUSED) and then she says “playing the artist Van Morrison”.  And I either say nice job or thank you… even though she is not listening at that point. I honestly have tried to stop… but I can’t, best I can do is whisper it. My mother would have found this a bit odd… both the talking car and probably my thanking it.

Yesterday would have been my mom’s 77th birthday. I tried to manners and Random Act of Kindness the heck out of the day. I think she would have been happy with that tribute… but still think I am little nuts for thanking the “lady in the car”.

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