Taking Things for Granted

I dream of waking each morning and having a view like this outside my widow. Being able to feel gentle breeze as I cook a meal. Of maybe not wearing or even owning a heavy coat. The only boots I own would be cute little rubber ones for the rain, not dig your car out of a snow drift for hours, ones. And then I wonder; Would I take it for granted after a while? Would I sigh about how bright another sunny day was? Or maybe talk about missing the falling leaves?

There have been a few times in my life that were very dark. Very one foot in front of the other. We can do this for one more hour… and then we set a goal of another hour. I realized as I sat and enjoyed the sunshine, I’m not in one of those places and really have not been for quite a few years… and I have been taking that for granted instead of celebrating it. Oh sure there is stuff… random, migraine trigger crazy of life, disappointment and loss. But not that dark, dark time, and I need to celebrate that and not take the normal, steady for granted but focus on being so very glad I am in that place.

And yes, I might take all the sunshine for granted every once in a while if I lived in a place such as this… but I am willing to take that chance. Hmmm, wonder if they need a librarian?

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