A friend sent this to me not long ago as a compliment. And have read it quite a few times as many different aspects of it are so very true with regards to kindness.

Kindness is frequently viewed as a weakness or a softness to be manipulated by others. The mindset being that if you are kind, you have no backbone and will fall for anything. I had someone once tell me that my problem was that I was too nice. 1) didn’t know I had a problem 2) didn’t know too nice was a problem and 3) really? Insecure much? Just because you are kind to others does not make you a doormat. You can be kind AND stand up for what you believe in and help others. I give you Mr. Rogers as an example. Not only did he display kindness, but he also broke down racial barriers that he thought were wrong and stood up for the underdogs.

Along the lines of Jack Lemmon saying send the elevator back down”, I do honestly believe those that are the most kind and consistently kind have had others reach out to them when life was not kind and know the depth of feeling and help that gives others. They know how a whole day can change by some stranger buying them coffee or complimenting their hair/shoes/top. Small steps the right direction can change so much. A kind person does for others what they know has helped them in similar situations.

Kind isn’t an insult, no matter how much society tends to try and make it so. Kindness is a strength and a necessity

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