You Can Stop

And it is ok. For more years than I am willing to share with you, I did not abide by this. But I do now.

I used to fight and finish every single book I began. Even the ones I was a chapter in and was like uh this is going nowhere and I hate the main character. Yup, I would chug on like the little engine that could and finish it. Always with a feeling of time wasted and disappointment.

And I don’t know why. Was I afraid of being a quitter? Did I think it made me less knowledgeable? I do struggle with that being a librarian. Contrary to popular belief, we do not read everything we have in the library. I am honestly not sure I have ever read Tom Sawyer clear through. Pretty sure I have only read about a half of a Captain Underpants and golly don’t take my certification away, have not read any Neil Gaiman (I do plan on fixing that in the next week).

Reading should be fun. It should be relaxing or educational or some sweet place in between. It should NOT be painful and grudgingly done. Graphic novels are such a hot topic and frequently seen as Not Real Books. Yeah, I am not a member of that cult. Here is the thing with GN, the words are less, the pictures are more, BUT more often than not the vocabulary is harder than a basic junior novel BECAUSE the pictures help with definition. Just sayin’.

Read for fun. Read to learn. Read for that sweet spot in between. But don’t finish book if you don’t want to… life is too short.

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