Aged with Time

One of my favorite things is finding a new author, reading a book by them and then finding out it is one in a series and there are 10 books just waiting in the wings for me. My co-worker and I were talking about when you first read a later book and have to go back and read the early ones for back story and better understanding. You are so very aware in reading the earlier stuff how the author has developed their craft and their own style. Their characters (unless they get lazy) become more robust over time and the plots more focused. Like most things practice does help to make it … if not perfect… a better version of itself.

I have been published in two different publications, 14 years apart. They are wildly different publications and the two pieces are very different in topic and tone. And yet I can also see how my writing has developed over time. The basics, most certainly, with regards to sentence structure and paragraph development. But also the word choice and the flow of the entire articles topic. It was an interesting trip down memory lane to read the one published in 2005.

There is a certain thrill to being published (just like it is when you get a notification that someone is following your blog or liked a post). The idea that the words that bounce around in your head all the time that were put out there for others,were deemed worthy and helpful…yeah, quite the thrill.

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