Pollen and Laughter

The pollen counts are insane right now. Trees, Grasses and Molds are all high and on the verge of very high. Only weeds remain low. As someone who is allergic to all four… it has been a heck of a spring. It has rained and stormed. We had hail last night and there are ducks that have taken up residence between the properties in the back because the water just stands there. The temperature jumps between frost and 80+. Everything is either late to bloom or is all blooming at once and not staggered as nature normally allows. As of yesterday, my state was 22% planted in corn… they are normally done about now, but it has been too wet. Even the farmers that have tried, lots of them ended up getting their machinery stuck, which is a nightmare and expensive.

But today was perfect. No rain. No rain for almost the next 48 hours. It is 70 outside with a breeze… it is perfect.

Except for the pollen.

Throwing caution to the wind (and more than a few medications into the system), I sat outside in my swing this afternoon. It was lovely. The breeze, the flowers but mostly the neighbors. I have a fourth grader and eighth grader who live next door and they are a delight. Two years ago, their father built them a tree house. This year he is rigging a tarp as a roof and maybe solar lights. My back is to their property as I sit in the swing, but I can hear them. Not actual words, but tone and laughter… so much laughter. And it makes me smile.

So often with my job, I spend time with lots of kids who, because life hands the littles so many curve balls sometimes, can’t find their laughter. But to sit there in the swing and hear it float over the wind… it was a delight and reminded me of this one little girl last week at story time who every time I turned the pages of the pop-up book of If You Are Happy And You Know It and made the animal do the action, just burst out laughing and then everyone laughed with her… such a delightful time.

Ok, if I have to take the pollen to have that sort of joy… count me in.

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