What’s It Take?

I like Indy. Even in the rain.

I like watching an albino ferret sit on a man’s shoulder as he walks the canal. I like looking up and seeing the amazing detail in the stone work. The crazy high skyscrapers that stand proud against the grey gloom. I like seeing piles of scooters and being glad we don’t have them in my city yet.

I loved watching a complete stranger stop dead in his tracks to pet a puppy and tell him how cute he is and what a good boi. That he made the owner laugh with his over the top love of her puppy. Not remotely hitting on her, but in love with the wee dog.

I like the diversity and the celebration of Pride. Loved all the rainbows displayed and signs of support. Indiana is not known for its embracing of different ideas. This was a lovely start. And I loved being the one to buy the last of the give Love in a rainbow of loves sticker for my laptop. That it was even an option in the store.

I like the food… and drink. Irish fare for dinner one night, Moroccan the other night. the Ying to my Yang sharing breakfast bites and samples of our dishes. The cacophony of languages and sounds just seemed to settle me and make me more centered.

I needed this weekend. I needed the reminder that the world is a bigger place than it shrinks down to at times. That it is OK to put things on hold and reset. You cannot fill other cups from an empty pitcher. I needed to see teens dancing under a bridge in the rain and sassy new stickers for my laptop. I needed a reminder to get over myself and not to get dragged down by the daily minutia and toxicity. I needed to take a nap in the middle of the day for no other reason than I was tired and it was pouring rain.

At my core, I believe that small difference matter over time, but I also believe it is so very healthy to get a new, bigger view and a reminder of the five rule… will this matter in five years? Then why are you giving it more than five minutes?

Take care of yourself. You are the only you we have. And that is an awesome thing we have you!

Hat tip to Robert Palmer for the title… some of his songs… genius!

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