It is ok; it is in the Vault.

You can put that book on hold or ask from it another library. I won’t say anything. How to raise weasels or how to cook weasels. How do divorce your spouse or how to find a lost spouse. How to tell rare coins from fakes. How to make fake coins. Fifty shades of grey. The White Album. Growing pot in your basement. How to get rid of blood stains. Understanding Them vs He/She. Your selections are all in the vault.

And any library or librarian worth their salt is that way. Oh, we might look over the book and read a few chapters when it comes in. But we will check it out with the same smile and good to see you face that we do when you check out all the Avenger movies or the latest Janet Evenovich.

Because that is what we should be there for. The internet is fine for that two minute look up on where IS Paraguay or what are the side effects of this medicine. But for topics you really want to understand, need depth or a quiet space to explore … that is what the books are for. And yes, you can totally use Ebooks. I use Ebooks quite frequently. They are handy and easy to get. But I also find that there is something about having a book in my hand, as I read in bed that helps the night break down the book and what it is about and gather the pieces of what I need it to be, that only happens when I sleep and when there is no tablet light that glows. Daniel Silva… total bed time tablet read; Quiet or a book on serenity… more a paper book read.

Back to your privacy. The ALA (American Library Association) has a Library Bill of Rights. It is here if you are interested in reading it. and again, most libraries in their policies and procedures will incorporate the Library Bill of Rights directly into their documents. It is that important and to me the cornerstone of what I do.

Anyway, the gist is that you should expect your privacy to be guarded by your librarian and your library. Consider it in the vault and check out that book on belly dancing or subtle poisoning!

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