I am annoyingly early. Partially because it is just my nature to plan for like five different scenarios to arrive on my doorstep at any given moment. So, if we are to meet at 11, I will take into consideration where it is, how long it would take in normal conditions to get there, odds of other things (construction, trains, pack of wild wolves) that might change that time frame. And then I add 10 minutes.  If we are meeting in a restaurant, I will probably just go in and get a table. If we are meeting at your house, I will park on a side road until about 5 minutes prior to decided arrival time. I normally have a book on my phone so it is really no big deal.

Three of my closest friends are late arrivers. One is consistently 5-10 minutes late. The other I can count on 15-20 minutes late and the other has been up to 45 minutes late before (that was a download a new book experience). And for the most part it doesn’t bother me.

In a business environment, it makes me insane. I will leave after 5-10 minutes or hang up on a conference call. I think it is just rude and a power play that your time is more valuable than my time? But it never feels that way with my friends… or 99% of the time doesn’t feel that way. Life gets complicated, you think you can squeeze in one more thing and eek!

My point? Not sure I had one… just wasn’t up to another death post no matter how bogged down my brain is right now…and I have spent a lot of time waiting for a lot of different people and things these last few weeks.

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