Religion of K

As an infant, my family was Methodist and I was baptized by sprinkling. I, of course, have no memory of this but it was always told with an air of great family legend, so I believe it. Fast forward and we became Baptist. In the Midwest, but with enough Southern influences that we had hand raising to receive the Holy Spirit during the benediction and a lot of Amens were yelled during the sermon. Each service the pastor would get red faced, sweaty and I would fear for his health. Unfortunately, the Baptist church prefers full submersion baptism. So about age 11, I, dressed in white with a hanky over my face, let the pastor dunk me backwards. Did I mention I really do not like getting my face wet? Yeah, that was memorable.
The church was a bit nasty to my mom after the divorce. Which I guess is common especially in the late 70s. But it made me mad and made me start to question the things that were being taught. If we are just mouthing phrases but don’t care for people in their time of need… seems like an odd religion to me. I soon stopped attending church.
I went to a Catholic college, not because it was Catholic but because of the college. I like mass. I get balance from mass because it is always the same and no one is yelling out the odd AMEN! to scare you. But again, I struggled with the base of the religion.
I’ve read a lot of different texts about all types of religion. Read one book called if grace is real why everyone will be saved. Made sense to me. I believe there is a likelihood something bigger than just me out there (seems sort of self centered to think the whole universe is just about me). And on sad days, I like to think there is some sort of heaven where I get to see the people I miss again. But I still have trouble embracing organized religion.
I follow the religion of K. Be kind, look out for others, fight for the underdog if you can, accept help when you need it, appreciate the small things. You are here for a reason, embrace that and do the best you can. And take care of you (including naps as needed). it really is that simple to me.
I saw this underside of a pier recently, looks like the perfect chapel for the Religion of K.

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