Life Beyond Thunderdome

My offspring is in his second year of college with a major in architecture. I am fascinated beyond belief of the stuff he makes. We have a room filled with “things”. Models? Drafts? Even the terms can confuse me. Some are small and some are quite large to the point I have suggested the attic might provide better storage.

This last project had to do something with kite fighting (learning curve for me on that one) and then he said he was building a thunderdome (which I guess earned kudos from the professor for the Mad Max reference). I, of course, the moment he said this started singing “we don’t need another hero” which confused him with my 80s song reference.

Another project was to make a house. But in the offspring’s case he was assigned to make a house for three pole dancers. Must admit I laughed, but it really made him think outside the box. Their work life was on their feet, artificial light etc. so their home life might be opposite this to allow them to recharge. I really liked the fact that while the professor had gained some laughs he also had a way of making them think outside the box and really lighted the spark of creation.

I start a new STEAM program for 1st to 6th graders in a few weeks. I am worried about it. I want this to really work, I want to get a group of kids that is very excited about this idea and learning cool things. But I need to find a way to light that spark like the professor (on the 1st to 6th grade level, probably no pole dancers) that makes them laugh and explore the edges. Learning, for me, is the best when you don’t even realize you are learning.

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