Capturing the Moment

I have a friend who travels quite a bit for work and always goes with her camera. She has an eye for capturing the essence of the place in the simplest shots. I have no idea if she has had training or just a gift, but you can really feel the ambiance of where she is by the pictures she posts and of the subjects she selects.

She was recently in Maine for a conference and spent the afternoon driving and taking pictures. Raw pictures of nature and the coast. And she tossed the question out there “if you lived by all this beauty every day, would you no longer see it?”

And I said yes. I think you would appreciate it, but I think the wow factor would fade somewhat. I have a lovely back patio area. There are flowers and multiple places to sit. There is a swing under a tree and a gas fire table for the chilly evenings. I always feel better after sitting out there for a small bit of time and yet I find myself not going out there as much as I should. I sit at the table and eat breakfast and think, gah need to blow the leaves, deadhead the flowers and… And the moment gets away.

I’d love to live near the ocean (in a town that needed a librarian of course) but I wonder if it would be the same way.  I like to think not, that I would always love the sound of the waves and the feel of the sand. The thrill of hunting for the next unique shell or bit of sea glass. Like I said to my friend after I gave my yes answer, I’d love to give it a try just to see.


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