We are staying at VBRO on the coast of North Carolina and there is a ton of very cute beach side stuff on the walls and then on the top shelf in the kitchen is this tiny picture. The first day, I give it a glance. But I was struggling with this cold and with my mother in law’s cancer. And the next day, I managed to cook a meal and did some beach walking. But that night, I took the picture off the shelf and dusted it off a bit and did the math. He was barely older than my offspring.

Today  and feeling stronger, I put my research background to use. He didn’t seem to be from this area but was stationed at Camp Lejeune, N.C. which is pretty close as a crow flies. Parents and brothers and sisters that miss him. No ties to people in this area that I can find but stationed here… so maybe adopted one of their own?  or rented this VBRO? Touching lives… and never even knowing… that is life, isn’t it?

Everything is open
Nothing is set in stone
Rivers turn to ocean
Oceans tide you home
Home is where your heart is
But your heart had to roam
Drifting over bridges
Never to return
Watching bridges burn

Driftwood by Travis


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