I took an oil painting class in college and one of the most delightful pieces of it was how easy it was to blend colors (granted also maybe some of the more frustrating as at times you did NOT want them to blend.) The depth of color, the difference of color from a zinc white to a titanium white, the many shades of yellow was a whole new world for me. I am not a very good painter, but I do enjoy playing with the paints and color.

My friend introduced me to a new mobile game called I :heart: Hue. I find it very relaxing and such a positive game. If you complete a level under the world average it calls you a magnificent sun beam or something of that ilk. Even if you are below the average it says tremendous! Basically, it scrambles squares of color and you must put them back in hue order. Sometimes I can totally see it and other times I have to shut the tablet and come back to see it. I have a friend who does not see hue and said, but they are all about the same aren’t they? Yeah, that would be super frustrating. Color is certainly something I do not take for granted in life.

Right now with the time change, I get to see the sunrise most mornings on my drive to work (granted in another few weeks it will be dark again but I am soaking this up while I can). I am always amazed at how very different each morning sky is and how the weather refrains my mother taught me jump into my head regarding the use of red or not.

I remember coming back from Ireland and telling my mother that I now knew what green smelled like. It was the first time I really combined the sense of sight and smell to that degree. I find myself doing that more as time passes.  As if the more sense used could help solidify a memory.

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