The other day, I went to pay for something and took a ten dollar bill from my wallet. I noticed the corner was bent so I smoothed it out before handing it to the cashier. She just stared at me to the point I was sort of embarrassed. It had not taken that long to do it and there was no line and well, I just like things neat. So I apologized (for what I was not sure but she was still staring). And she said, No, oh not at all. It is just that that was really nice of you to do. I get people who just throw balls of crumbled dollars on the counter all the time and expect me to smooth them and put them in order. You really just made my day by doing that. First off, made me really sorry her day was that bad that THAT was the highlight and then made me think: It really is the little things.

At this stage of my life, I am probably not going to be a Navy SEAL or a firefighter. Not going to be a social media influencer or Queen of some kingdom. And that is ok. Maybe my purpose and reason I am here is just to be kind in small seeming inconsequential ways. And that is not a thought I would have hand in my 20s or 30s. I felt like I was her to do SOMETHING. Not sure what that was but it was larger than whatever I was doing at the time.

When my kid was in Middle School they had a unit on poems. But the teacher was smart and made it interesting, lots of free form and lots of mimic of poetry or the like that appealed to them. This is my kid’s poem.

Bull Durham

I believe in the cloning of llamas,
The greatness behind ideas,
The science of friendliness,
The potato’s awesome capabilities,
The necessity of responsibly,
Truthfulness, power, speed.

But I don’t believe in the need for so much money.

I believe in respect for elders,
I believe death doesn’t have to be forever,
I believe in that love shouldn’t rule your life,
Thoughtfulness, Happiness, no greed.

And I believe when I go to college they will have created muffins in a can.

Yeah maybe that is our purpose, little things, respecting others, being truthful and  kind… and maybe creating muffins in a can.


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