Sun Card

I pulled the Sun Card on Thanksgiving morning and was sort of baffled. Thanksgiving Day this year involved a lot of last-minute change of plans, four-hour plus drive, great deal of keeping thought and speech bubbles apart, cool hotel room, cold shrimp and some wine.

From my book reading, the Sun Card was supposed to represent harmony and everything coming together. A card of full of joy and happiness. I looked at the card and at the stack, huh was that really what the universe was saying about today? I got dressed and we headed out for our drive. And it was a nice drive, pleasant chatting and coffee. Singing to the radio (though I would not allow Christmas music yet). Very content, calm before the storm. As I drove, I pondered how the Sun Card was going to fit in the rest of my day.

My brother passed away in late July. This is the first major holiday without him. My brother used to spend Thanksgiving Day at my dad’s house and enjoy the festivities there. Traditions that can no longer be traditions make for large holes. It is hard to find new traditions that work and honor those that have passed. As the day went on and I spent time with my dad and his wife, I started to see a bit more out of the box way of thinking about the card.

Maybe it was not my harmony and everything coming together. It was not my focus of joy and happiness, but maybe I was supposed to be a conduit of that. The card appeared to make me focus more on happiness or how to add happiness to the lives of others.

It is so easy to get caught up in the chaos and frantic of the holiday. To forget about being kind and looking out for others. Taking the time to really listen. Taking the time make eye contact with the cashier and tell them to have a nice day when you are done. Give the person the closer parking space and take the further one away. Maybe things aren’t for you to have, but to pass on to those who need them more? Maybe your role is to reflect the sun and make someone’s life brighter?


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