Join Me

When I fell two weeks ago and needed knee surgery, they told me I would probably be off work for six weeks after surgery and it was doubtful I would drive before then (my right knee).  What in the world would I do to keep busy in that time period? I knew the first two weeks or so would be trying to figure out how to do things (shower, cook, laundry, wash my hair, even go to the bathroom) but then I saw this large calendar page of nothing. It was overwhelming. I love to read, but you can only read so much. There are a zillion things on the internet and TV but again, can only do that for so long. Yeah, not only overwhelming but a tad depressing.

I had a few ideas of making story time videos to assist my staff, but I can’t read books because of copyrights. I had some other ideas of what I could do along those lines. I made lists for my husband to grocery shop so our pantry was stocked and I could make a dish we could eat a few meals from (like chicken pot pie or lasagna). Tried to plan ahead on all fronts for this six week period.

Then I tried to refocus. Be kind to myself and remember that things take time. That I need to ask for help on some things I just cannot do. That I need to allow people to help me because they get pleasure in that also. That my house may get messy, my bathtub needs cleaned and that is ok; they will be there when I am better and I can clean them at that time. That I need to take the time to look at the small things that make me smile and focus on those. That naps are ok because they can recharge you and not everything needs to be on a strict time table.

And then you all decided to join me.

The virus has closed schools and libraries. Canceled sporting events and other gatherings. Postponed weddings and concerts. Caused purchasing panic and misinformation overload.

A friend posted the other day that if you are fortunate enough to be healthy and you find yourself home with the vast expanse of what do I do now, it is a good time to rest and reinvest in yourself. I’d like to add to it. It is also a good time to learn something new, take a walk or plan ahead for when this is over. A good time to reconnect with people who matter, be it electronically or even a note in the mail. It is a good time to reach out to those who need a helping hand (either physically or mentally). A good time to embrace common sense and kindness. Take a news break and listen to a TED talk you know nothing about but want to learn or make a dish that takes a bit because you have the time. But use this period of history to help you reset and maybe a few extra naps thrown in for fun. Know you are not alone, we are all in this together.

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