Asking the Cards

Keeping with my rule of don’t do a spread if you are off balance, mentally fragile or drunk; my cards have not seen the light of day for some time. Today I threw caution to the wind and did a simple three card spread. I asked the cards, what was one thing I was supposed to learn in these last 45 days since my accident.

Past: Four of pentacles. That perhaps in the past I have been a bit isolated and holding on to things maybe material but also maybe emotional or past issues. Trying to do it all and keep all the balls in the air. That I have been keeping to myself and to quote most toddlers we know “I do it myself”.

Present: Inverted Ten of Wands. Ok, this could mean having too much to bear but it also could represent letting go, shirking some duties or delegating. I can see it both ways to be honest. As I feel like I have worn both those shoes in the last few weeks. Times I have felt like giving up and times I have said, meh we will deal with this tomorrow. Both probably healthy in their own way.

Future: Inverted Ten of Swords. Things are getting better and I am in the progress of pulling myself together and learning from this experience. Maybe learning that I don’t have to do all the things, I can delegate both at work and at home and still things get done. Perhaps not my way but still done. And that is ok.

I tend to lean toward the external/internal read on upright/reverse. Probably because I use the cards to help me think about things differently and that adds a new layer.

It was nice to see the cards again. Nice to explore their meanings and try my hand at interpretation. Nice to have something to mentally say. ah yes there IS a good readson for this. Stay Safe.

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