Over the Falls

My husband and I got married on Tunnels Beach on Kauai. It was magical. Needless to say, we have been back more than a few times. If only the plane ride from the middle of the United States were a bit shorter, we would go even more.

Wedding Sunset

We explored mostly the North Shore of the island. There were so many local places to eat and try. We tried very hard to not go back to what we knew (and liked) and keep trying new places. It was hard. We did frequent our breakfast spot (and Mermaid’s Café for fish tacos) more than once. We stumbled upon this very small coffee shop in Hanalei that had excellent coffee (slightly abrupt waitstaff) and “Over the Falls” stuffed French toast. Why not? we thought.

Over the Falls

It was amazing, ok more a dessert than a breakfast but the perfect Vacation Breakfast. The toast was stuffed with this amazing custard and then topped with crushed pineapple and then whipped cream. The first time we ordered we both got our own … we shared one going forward with a shared plate of eggs and meat to help balance the sugar high.

I have tried other stuffed French toast, but it is not the same. Maybe it was being on vacation or sitting out on the deck, sometimes listening to it rain, sometimes listening to the birds and watching the waterfalls come down the mountain. A delight for all the senses.

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