One of my main goals, when we went to Ireland, was to stay in a castle. I did quite a bit of research as we flew into Shannon then drove around the bottom staying at B&Bs and ended up in Dublin. There are quite a few castles on that route. But one, a tad out of the way spoke to me, Blackwater Castle. So, I booked it.

Outside the tower of Blackwater Castle

Not going to lie, we got lost finding it. We could see it… just couldn’t get over some creeks and fields to get to it. When we pulled into the driveway not a sole was to be seen. I checked my notes for check in time, yes it was time. We parked and walked around a bit, went to some buildings and a man came out. He introduced himself, reminded us it was a “B&B minus a B” and said we were the only guests tonight. He told us to pick from two bedrooms and bid us goodnight. (It was around 3pm).

“Oh,” he said as an afterthought. “If you be wanting food for the night, you should go to the Spinning Wheel in town.” “Is it the best?” I asked. “It is the only place in town.” And with that he poofed.

Sitting area in Blackwater Castle

We go inside, take a few pictures and then head into town as we are famished (missed lunch due to our getting lost, ok me getting us lost). We walk into the Spinning Wheel (literally the only place to eat in town) and conversation seems to stop. It is entirely locals and us. After a quick review of us, conversation resumes, and we have a lovely Lupper of Fish/Chips/Pints.

Outside Blackwater Castle

When we got back it was time to explore. After a few loud HELLOs! to see if we were really alone. We set out to look at ever single common area, room and perhaps a few spots we should not have looked. He was not kidding. We had the entire castle to ourselves!

Hall way in Blackwater Castle

The furniture was a mishmash of pieces. Antiques, lovely chandeliers alongside modern pieces or pieces a tad worn out so a throw was tossed over them. No single bed had the same headboard. Some walls had been plastered and some still had the exposed stone like the outside.

Inside Blackwater Castle

There were tapestries and a huge area with a bar (non working, yes we checked).

Bar and dance floor inside Blackwater Castle

And a cool study with a grand piano and books.

Piano at Blackwater Castle

As it got darker, I decided a bubble bath was in order. I got out my liquid bubble bath and started the tub. It was a very slow trickle. And chilly. It finally got to be about an inch deep so I sat in it, did a quick scrub in the brisk water and got out. But I can say that I did take a bubble bath in a castle, so there is that.

very cool headboard at Blackwater Castle

That night we got in bed and found that the castle is very noisy at night. Granted I am not sure you sleep well anywhere your first night. But the excitement of we are in a castle alone! Became we are in a castle alone?

Slightly scary area we probably should have avoided!

The next morning, we got up, got dressed and headed out to our new town and next adventure (because you know the second B was not included). Staying at Blackwater Castle was very high on my list of “can you believe that?” for this trip.

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