I have always liked the color yellow. It feels like sunshine and joy to me when I see it. Two of my favorite “flowers” are yellow.

Margaret Halliday Scharf, me and Lambie

The first is the forsythia bush. I like that it blooms in early spring. It tells you that winter almost over and you have survived. My house now has a forsythia bush. It was giant and overgrown when we moved into the house. I let it grow and do it’s thing for a few years, but it was flowering less and less, so I trimmed it hard one year. Told it what I was doing and why and it has been a lovely blessing of yellow each spring. My earliest memories are in pictures of the forsythia that was by my maternal grandparent’s house, my mom’s childhood home. One of the last pictures as a couple of my grandparents are in front of a bush that had been allowed to grow and make a safe place for rabbits and other small creatures. From the series of pictures by this bush, it must have been THE spot for pictures that visit.

Margaret and Robert “Bob” Scharf, Aurora IN, 1971

Daffodils were my mom’s favorite flowers. I cannot remember a house she lived in that did not have daffodils blooming in the spring for her to enjoy. The last house she lived in had more tulips than daffodils so I planted more bulbs from time to time. Like the forsythia, they bloom so early in the spring, they bring hope for a new season, new start…less cold. The picture below is of me in Alabama. My father told me one time it was one of his favorite pictures of me. Keeping up what I think of as family tradition, I have planted daffodil bulbs in all the houses I have lived in; I like to think the new tenants are getting enjoyment from them now.

Me, Mobile AL 1969

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