Chantilly Lace

Trips I found fun. And I liked how they led themselves to more information. Smaller details or even more granular emotions. If you are struggling, don’t give up. Just try for one this month or pick one of our last few month prompts (items is a good one) and get started again.


Susan Scharf Frantz

My mother lived in a world and time of LPs and listening to the radio whatever it would offer (and what ever you could get to tune in). There were no playlists in her world. No mix tapes and Spotify was just a dream.

One of the songs that would make her whole face light up when it came on the radio was Chantilly Lace by the Big Bopper. She would sing along, pitching her voice low and singing “Oh baby you knoooooow what I like” and then laugh. To this day, I sing along, smile and try to sing deep when I hear it play. In my memory, the deep part was much deeper than I see it being as an adult. Granted I live in a world that I can just pull it up and listen when I am missing her or just need a smile. I try not to take it out too often so it doesn’t lose its magic.

Susan Frantz in her home in Aurora, Indiana

As an aside, my mother was not a makeup or perfume person, but she did always have a bottle of Chantilly the perfume in her bathroom. Personally, not a fan of the scent but that was her go to. I remember buying her a bottle of it when I got older. She would save it until the scent turned, but I think it made her feel fancy to see it in her cabinet. I sniff it in the store from time to time… it still makes my nose itch!

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