A Thousand Years

Alex had two hobbies as a baby, not sleeping and crying. I went through the maze of advice. Change my diet, don’t change my diet. Keep him up, let him sleep, sleep when he sleeps. Let him cry, don’t let him cry. It is serious, it is not serious. It seemed like for every piece of advice, a counter piece of advice was given. And all the time he would cry.

Alex coming home from the hospital 1999

Ok, he probably did not cry the entire first year but it did seem like it. I just remember feeling so very tired and like I had to be the worst mom on the face of the earth.

One night in desperation I put on the new Sting CD I had gotten and just started to dance, sway, bob move that parents have perfected and performed over the years. He started to settle as we made our way through the songs on the CD. When we got to Thousand Years, he stopped crying and settled in. The song ended and he started to fuss again. I one handedly backed up the CD and clicked on repeat one song. And he calmed down and fell asleep… as long as that song played and I swayed.

Alex October 1999

Even today I feel that same hopeless “what am I doing feeling oh wow this worked” when I hear the song play. Alex and I have many songs that make me thing of us and our relationship, but I would have to say this would be our “first song”.

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