My Grandfather Frantz was not a many of many words. When he talked you listened as he did not just sit around filling the air with his own talking. He could talk on many topics, was quick to tell you he loved you and give you a bear hug, but just comfortable in his silence. Not really one for profound wisdom, but could teach you how to do something in a way you never forgot.

Darrel Frantz fishing in Wisconsin

That being said, one time when young Kristan was gather around the dinner table with him, my grandmother, and my aunt, we were talking about memorizing or quotes or something. He mentioned that there really was only one that he knew. And I pestered him to tell us.

Ladies and Gentleman

Take My Advice

Pull down your pants

And slide on the ice.

Darrel Frantz with Kristan .1968

My grandmother was NOT amused and I thought it had to be the very best quote EVER!

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