Welcome to 2023

I have written bits of this over the last two weeks in my head, it has perhaps marinated enough for actual writing (maybe not).

I am a big not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. It just seems so fraught for failure. And if you screw up by the 3rd, are you done for the year? I would hope not but I know I tend to lean that way. It is probably the same part of my brain that thinks “we need to start eating healthier, let’s eat all the cookies out of the pantry right now, that way they will not temp us”. So this year, I have decided to make intentions. And I can add to them as I go. Things I intend to do this year, easy things with no metrics involved.

So far I intend to try more things (activities, foods, places to eat, books etc.), find my balance (both physically and mentally), get stronger (ditto) and take better care of me. I want to be better at supporting people and keeping track of progress I am making on my own goals. I intend to get more organized in my keepsake keeping (is this necessary? Does it have a story that needs told?) and in my photos and genealogy.

Seems like a lot to intend… however it seems easier that they are not resolutions, at least in my mind. And Daniel thinks if we just have enough coffee, it will be a piece of cake (or donut)

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