The First Intention for 2023: Water

I need to drink more water consistently. Every morning I fill my water bottle decorated with stickers that embrace my personality yet are subtle enough that the patrons and co-workers can tolerate in a work environment. Sadly, most days the water bottle comes home about half full. It sits in my line of sight and still I cannot seem to get the water into my body.

Recently on a trip to Indianapolis, we ate in quite a few different restaurants and for both breakfast and dinner (I do love breakfast, especially out where you can try all sorts of things or things you might not make for yourself at home, hello Stuffed French Toast!). In these restaurants, there were always smaller clear glasses and a bottle of water that staff brought on our arrival. And we not only finished the bottle of water but had more along with our other drink.

We stopped on the way home and bought our own water bottle and cute water glasses that are not huge (I do think that is part of it, you finish the water in your glass quickly and it is empty and think huh, I should fill this). So far it is work on meals we sit down and eat together. Years ago our kid made a perfect coaster for it in fiber arts. My goal for next week is to fill my coffee cup with water, drink it and THEN get my first cup of coffee. We will see how this goes.

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