I Appreciates That About Them

We have been watching a lot of Letterkenny lately. Upon further reflection I believe we are on our third round through all the seasons. Squirely Dan tends to say to people “… and that’s what I appreciates about you” (He likes to add S to the end of many things that you may not think need an S). I was mowing the other day and it was the first mow of the season. Like many years past, I had not put the mower away properly and now just put gas in it expecting it to start. After about four pulls it did. I was catching as there were so many leaves from neighbor trees (the dreaded oak tree that lives next door and refuses to drop leaves in fall like a normal tree). Because of this, I had to stop the mower a great deal to empty the bag and then start again. Every time that mower started on the first pull, I would tell it “and that’s what I appreciates about you”.

About a week ago, Etsy asked me if I wanted to opt out of Mother’s Day emails. I was like, well, yes, yes I do want to opt out of that. How nice of them to ask.! Mother’s Day doesn’t hurt as much as it once did. I don’t think time heals, but it gives you distance and space to remember more of the good not the sad. I miscarried my daughter almost 13 years ago and my mother died February of 2014. Each Mother’s Day, I do something small for each of them, that I don’t really talk about or tell anyone. Just something that hits me and I think ah yes, this is it. Sometimes they get me gifts (when I am feeling especially self-focused). But I do this day my way, and I don’t need a barrage of emails telling me I must do this or must do that for Mother’s Day. This morning Storyworth asked me if I wanted to opt out of their Mother’s Day emails and I did. That’s what I appreciates about them.

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