Do I have a Tumbler?

I asked the 17 year old. He sighed. Yes, yes you do. You have used it once.

I’m not a newbie to the web (though I have been known to jokingly call it Those Newfangled Interwebs). I belong to a very specific discussion board and have been on that board since 2006. No, it is not people who own three toed sloths and wear only green socks, but close. I have had a Facebook account and got rid of a Facebook account. I don’t Tweet. I never MySpaced. I Google+ when the mood hits me and have never Instragramed. At least, I don’t think I have an Instagram. I will own up to being a bit of a Pinterest junkie. My board of Food I Like to Pretend I Will Make, is quite a cornucopia of taste delights.  There are probably at least 27 different social networks that I have never even heard of, much less used.

And I am ok with the “not using” them. I’d like to see them, understand them, see why they appeal to this group or that, but I have reached the saturation point with social networks. As with my IRL friendships, I’d rather have a handful of really good ones I can count on, that help me balance as a person and bring different parts into my life, than a giant overwhelming flood of exhausting maintenance and information.

You kids should probably get off my lawn now, while I go and try to find my Tumbler.

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