Setting the playing field

I read this book on vacation and well, wow.

Ok, there are parts I wanted to smack the author on the head for being a stereotypical cookie cutter Millennial (Gen Y whatever!). But the rest… nice reset. The gist, if I may cull it down for you, is that you are giving a “F” (and from now on I am going to say FIG because the “” are way too hard on my keyboard) and I do try to be at least a PG13 blog) about needs to be trimmed down.

We live in a whole new world of 24/7 news. Of constant selfies. Of pictures of our friend’s food. Profound Nonsense.

Thus the culling of the book.

You have to pick. What do you really care about? What do you give the FIG about? Five things? Narrow it down to five things… and don’t be haphazard about it… what DO you give a Fig about. Mine… Health. Kindness. Open-mindness. Creativity. Honesty.

And that is it. That is the litmus test. If something upsets you… does it fall in those five things? No> then let it go. Yes> then what do we do to fight this because this is a battle worth having.

That is the whole book… and eye opening.

I had a wonderful boss once upon a time, she said to me, you cannot die on every hill, you MUST pick your battles. And she was right and this book spelled it out. Pick your Hills. Pick your Figs.

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