I’d Forgotten

Tonight at supper… or dinner… whatever you call it. It is all good. The three of us gather (because this is a big thing with me… like I said before, I’m ok with rare nights reading together, but if it is all of us…I want to talk.. about Politics or Chickens or School or Black Panther or … ANYTHING but this is our moment as a family, let’s sit down for dinner and chat) and are talking about… lettuce.

If allowed, I fear this family would eat Iceburg … if they ate any. But I try to work in a bit of Romaine, I dance with some baby Spinach, have been know to go totally off the rails and serve a nice Spring Mix. But the men of the home, they are not fond of purple as a green.

Tonight, I served baby lettuce that came in both green and purple. I explained to the offspring that if he shut his eyes he could not tell the difference. He argued that he could. I said, no. It is the same.

He laughed and said, remember Grandma Yuck used to tell us she could tell the colors of M&Ms with her eyes shut and was right less than half the time.  And we all laughed.

I had forgotten that. And he is 100% right. She was adamant that she had that skill (spoiler alert: she did not). And we let her have it for the most part. “it is orange” uh almost, yellow.

I had forgotten this. And it is such a fun, easy memory unlike some of them that keep me awake at 1am. That is one of the hardest parts of when someone is gone. You are in charge of all the memories, there is no app for that. And if you forget, and no one has your back… those memories are gone. We live in a time where every meal is frequently photographed and documented … and yet… how do we grab the past before it is gone.

“This one is yellow.”  very close… orange.

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