These are in my parking lot at work. Big Purple Rats. (not sure if that is in some way a reflection on my work environment or not… we will save that post for another day). I will be honest, I have caught quite a few of them along with worms, bats and some fuzzy purple dust ball. They have names, the 17 year old tells me.

Pokémon Go. You have heard about it… you might even be playing it. I think it is brilliant. This weekend, I played about 20+ miles total. (Prior weekends, maybe range 8-10 miles; I was outside so much this weekend… I never even made it to Target! ) In this period of time, I ran into all types of groups of people. Teens, who look like they have not seen the summer air at all this year, had someone yell out a window “catch em all!” as they drove by,  husband and wife standing by a bridge while he cheered her on at the gym battle.  It seems so simple and yet it works… getting people outside, chatting and smiling. People would mention Pokestops or that they caught (insert name I cannot remember here) over on that corner. Smiling at strangers and laughing. Infectious.

I walked in a park that I have walked by many times, but this time I stopped and read the plaques about its history (the plaques were Pokestops) and learned so much. I discovered one of the playgrounds in my neighborhood was a group effort of some families to make it a better spot. I went back and  watered a parched planter after I sitting on a bench to rest (a Pokestop). After a long few weeks of lots of sad and horror over senseless acts, this was such a refreshing weekend to join my fellow humans in the sun to laugh and smile.

I said to my companion trainer as we hunted the elusive bear like blob, I wish They would give us a month of this before They ruin it with bad stuff and stupid decision. I am not Pollyanna… I know it will happen… heck it has started to happen. And it is not perfect (is anything?), people are doing it while driving (not smart), people are walking into things and They are using it to lure others. I get it, the game is not perfect by any means, churches that have been made into private houses are unfortunately gyms, apparently one Pokestop involves a strip club… etc. I understand, nothing is fool proof.

But this is fun and it is getting people outside and smiling and moving and talking. I’m going to enjoy it for as long as I can…



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